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Lacrosse - Girls

Varsity Skill Expectations

Dirty 2's: done first day of tryouts and last day of try outs

Average possession per half is 66 per team. You're not running full speed every possession but one third of the time you should be running the absolute hardest you can.  One third of 66 is 22.  The average time of possession is 44 seconds, so you should be able to run as fast as you can half that time, 22.

We will be running 22 100 meter sprints in 22 seconds with 22 seconds of rest in between.
One 400 meter to finish in 90 seconds. 

Wall ball: 

This will be all at the same time. Throw catch stop. Throw catch stop.          
Dominant hand: 50 times, 3 drops allowed 
Non dom hand: 50 times, 4 drops allowed
Catch dom throw non dom: 50 times, 4 drops allowed
Catch non dom throw dom:  50 times, 5 drops allowed 

Accuracy shooting: no goalie

Top corners: shooting 45 out 50 dom hand, 40 out of 50 non dom
Bottoms corners: shooting 45 out of 50 dom hand, 40 out of 50 non dom

Also tested: foot speed, agility, ball handling. There will be a 2 mile run first day of try outs and last day. 



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